TonicGear case study

As our business expands and grows, it’s critical for us to be able to guarantee to our customers and partners that their data and content will remain in a safe location. We depend on our customers’ trust in us – not only to deliver excellent product, but also to protect their personal information. So it simply wasn’t enough to say that our collaborators’ data was ‘somewhere in the cloud.’ We had to know it was safe and compliant with changes laws in Europe.
Tatiana Byrne - TonicGear, Founder


The women’s gym gear company collaborates with suppliers and communicates with customers from Rio to Paris in a safe European Cloud with Zettabox.


TonicGear is an ecommerce website that specializes in fitness clothing for women, providing the latest ideas and best bargains on the hottest gym fashions in the world. TonicGear works with studios and designers from Brazil to the USA and Europe to bring the best in high-performance fitness fashion to its customers. With a diverse and distributed customer base, TonicGear must stay up to date on the latest trends and designs. And with the introduction of new Data Protection laws, TonicGear was concerned by the growing challenges of protecting users’ identity and designers’ content.


How can a growing ecommerce company power collaboration in the Cloud without jeopardizing customer and designer data?

TonicGear sought a comprehensive, fullstack tool that would enable them to do three things:

  1. control their data while sharing it;
  2. meet the increasingly tough Data Protection standards of Europe; Communicate in a safe European cloud
  3. and do it all at a low cost – because TonicGear cannot afford expensive infrastructure or internal IT to support it.

TonicGear uses Zettabox Messenger for better communication and collaboration between designers, retailers and customersThat’s why TonicGear turned to Zettabox.


Better Communication & Collaboration with Zettabox Messenger

Today, TonicGear uses Zettabox to manage its collaboration and content sharing across a global range of suppliers and customers. Zettabox’s intuitive onboarding process for users and multi-device availability make it simple to integrate into TonicGear’s existing workflows and projects. With one click of the mouse, the product pages can be exported to all of TonicGear’s partners, or to a smaller, more select group for collaboration on specific projects.

Once they started using Zettabox, TonicGear discovered the built-in Zettabox Messenger tool that makes communicating directly about content extremely easy. TonicGear can send messages tied to the relevant content, without ever opening an email or chat tool – particularly useful when meeting tough deadlines for new product releases.

TonicGear was also concerned about how changing data protection laws could impact their business and wanted to use a cloud provider that was compliant with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in particular.

In addition to complying with an increasingly strict set of data sovereignty laws, Zettabox does not allow for 3rd party monitoring or data mining of any kind. This means TonicGear can be sure that their customers and partners’ data is protected from unwanted inspection and access. Other services make most of their revenues from reselling users’ information, so that using their tools can mean you are literally giving away your and your customers’ data.

Zettabox does not sell customers’ data. We are in the business of making collaboration safer and easier in the Cloud.

In fact, Zettabox’s commitment to protecting users’ data and identity goes a step further, with a toolset that allows a company to quickly and easily assert its “right to be forgotten”.




Zettabox lets you concentrate on your business instead of worrying about Cloud content transfer and storage.TonicGear stays connected with Zettabox

Zettabox also opens up new opportunities for working together. Zettabox Dashboard keeps the TonicGear team connected with the most recent activity around its content and what kind of files are the most commonly shared. When changes are made to a document that the team is working on, updates appear in real-time on the Dashboard. This lets every member of the team keep track of important events and changes as they happen.

When paired with Zettabox’s Data Protection features, built into the product by design, the collaborative functionality brings a complete and professional toolset that helps TonicGear work more efficiently and safely.