Moore-Wilson case study

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Since using Zettabox, I save approximately 2 hours per week on file management tasks alone by not having to access various file sharing and collaboration tools that were previously used by our clients and staff. Now I just look at my dashboard. It’s quite cool!
Wayne Kemp - Senior Technical Account Manager, Moore-Wilson


One of the UK’s largest digital agencies needed to access, share and collaborate on time-critical content between offices in the UK and their clients’ global locations.


The design firm’s content ranges from whole websites to databases, video streams, PDFs, spreadsheets and presentations – that’s a lot of data.

With access and storage across multiple servers in various European locations, file and content management was a top business priority. With Zettabox, access and collaboration across client projects and staff in different locations were made simple and secure, whilst reducing costs and inefficiencies of having to use multiple applications to communicate and share files.


The challenge

Zettabox customer quote from Tony Heywood, Head of Search and superstar DJ, Moore-WilsonAs one of the UKs largest digital agencies, Moore-Wilson sought a secure file sharing and collaboration tool that was simple to use and easy to integrate with their existing technologies and infrastructure.


The solution

Zettabox’s intuitive Dashboard, with administrative controls, provides Moore-Wilson a management tool with which to store and share files for specific projects shared between clients, account managers and development teams across all devices.

Zettabox is integrated with Office 365, so Moore-Wilson can use the most popular content-creation tools easily, saving files in Zettabox while working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft productivity tools.

And using Zettabox Messenger, Moore-Wilson adds secure communication to cloud storage and team collaboration and helps keep in-boxes clear of large files – including those too big for reliable transfer using Outlook.

The ability to choose data locations ensures Moore-Wilson is compliant with European data protection laws and data sovereignty when dealing with their clients confidential data.


The result

Moore-Wilson has experienced quicker turn-around times from initiation to delivery of projects because collaboration between groups and stakeholders has been streamlined.

The ability to track content was something that was previously on a wish-list, but using the Zettabox dashboard provided Moore Wilson with in-depth, real-time information about what was being shared, updated and by whom.

Zettabox has enabled intuitive but powerful secure sharing for Moore-Wilson and their clients, providing an easy and productive way to collaborate so everyone is quickly designing from the same page.

And Zettabox is GDPR compliant – a completely European cloud solution, according to the European Commission.