Interoute case study

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Zettabox gives our employees access to their data from work, from home or on the road from their mobile phones and tablets, and it’s secure, so the Company can control employees’ access to sensitive corporate documents.
Head of IT Systems, Interoute

Pan-European tech company, with turnover of €450m, saves money and hassle with Zettabox.

With 1400 employees located in 30 countries in Europe and the US, Interoute needed a document storing and sharing platform that was private and secure as well as accessible anywhere by its mobile workers.

And because Interoute serves enterprises across the European Union, the Company wanted a solution that would meet the more rigorous data protection standards in the EU. They chose Zettabox.

The fact that Zettabox is a sharing platform made by Europeans and hosted in Europe means Interoute is one of the leading-edge companies already complying with some of the most stringent aspects of the upcoming EU Data Directive.

Zettabox is a money-saving tool, as well. Shaw estimates that Interoute saves thousands per year in server and administrator costs.