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I needed a solution that was not only easy to use, but also one that was compliant with international law.
James H. Bailey - Bailey Law, Founder


Legal services provider Bailey Law makes “auditable” confidentiality a key part of its practice with Zettabox.


Bailey Law Office is a US firm specializing in utility and regulatory legal issues. Confidentiality is key to the firm’s service, and keeping its clients’ faith is an increasing challenge with the rise of data sovereignty laws in the USA and around the globe. These laws differ widely, but many – including the US Freedom Act – have provisions that, in some circumstances, may violate the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Keeping European clients’ data safe and secure is a key provision of the EU’s GDPR. And no matter how large or small the company doing business in Europe, it must comply with GDPR.



How can a small legal firm, with clients on both sides of the Atlantic, guarantee its customers that it complies with data laws in and out of the European Union? 

Bailey Law quote 1The problem is not unique to Bailey Law. All legal services companies doing business in Europe face the same challenge. And that regulatory requirement cannot be met by adopting an American storage, sharing and collaboration tool. Even Microsoft’s Office 365 tool set falls short in guaranteeing strict adherence to the GDPR.

That’s because, as a US-domiciled company, Microsoft – and others like Box, Dropbox and Google – are all subject to the US government’s data sovereignty rules. US-domiciled companies are required to comply with any lawful demand of the US government when it seeks information on those companies’ servers – no matter where those servers are located, including in Europe.

The EU-US Data Shield was introduced to help make it easier for companies to traffic data between Europe and North America. But that shield is being challenged by the very regulatory bodies that are supposed to oversee its enforcement, as those national and regional regulatory authorities are already fining companies for putting Europeans’ data at risk.  In an American idiom, Bailey refers to that as “The fox is assigned to guard the henhouse.”

Already, companies are being fined by national and regional authorities for putting Europeans’ data at risk. US companies like Microsoft make it easy for law firms to create content and store it. But those tools don’t protect law firms from European sanctions.


Why did Bailey Law choose Zettabox?

Bailey Law uses Zettabox for secure collaborationBailey Law needed:

  1. a fully EU-compliant tool that was also intuitive;
  2. with integration into Microsoft Office 365, because most of Bailey Law’s documents are created with Office tools;
  3. and with “auditable” confidentiality, so the firm’s clients can be reassured that their data is safe and secure in a European cloud.

That’s why Bailey Law chose Zettabox. 

The firm uses the tools with which it is most familiar – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – and can save that content in a secure European location using the Zettabox dropdown menu enabled in Microsoft software.

Equally important for Bailey is the Zettabox Dashboard, which provides an intuitive tool with which to track content created, stored, and shared. “Zettabox gives me an auditable application that gives my clients confidence that I know where their content is stored in privacy, and that we can collaborate in a safe European cloud.”