soFlash case study

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The Zettabox dashboard keeps us informed of who has seen our work, and when they accessed it.
CEO, soFlash

soFlash provide Computer Generated Imagery, 3D and visual effects services to global clients and relies on Zettabox to deliver their content safe and securely.

Dan Lennard, soFlash CEO, founded the company to help clients make their ideas real through the magic of 3D animation. His company’s extraordinary creations have helped manufacturers, designers and marketers bring their designs to life.

Zettabox is a platform that helps him both share his work and protect it at the same time.

“Clients trust my company to deliver truer-than-life images, and I trust Zettabox to keep that content safe and secure, even when we’re sharing it,” says Lennard.

“We can also put limits on how long a viewer can see the live file and password protect it. Zettabox is a powerful solution for creative media companies like mine.”

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