Reil case study

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We rely on Zettabox to store, sync and share our secure documents with our global membership.
Managing Director, REIL

REIL, an international non-governmental organization relies on Zettabox for a global solution from the heart of Europe.

With members across the globe, REIL creates a space for business leaders, policy-makers, scholars, lawyers, and science and technology experts to create synergies between industry and government. Zettabox’s cloud-sharing platform – developed and hosted in the heart of Europe - supports REIL’s international approach and reach.

 Leslie Parker, REIL’s managing director chose Zettabox because it is “unlocked” from any one software company’s “stack” of functionality.

As a Mac and iOS user, she likes the open operability of the Zettabox cloud-sharing platform – her members can share Word or Google Docs without hassles.

“The feature set is designed for the workplace“ comments Parker. “The fact that it’s developed and hosted in the heart of Europe means we have complete confidence that our confidential documents will remain secure. Zettabox’s tagline is, ‘it’s better in Europe,’ but it works splendidly as a global tool, as well.”

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