About Zettabox

Zettabox was created to meet the need for cloud storage and team sharing tools for companies who need to comply with Europe’s ever stringent data protection regulation. Zettabox can be used by anyone, but it has been built for business, with dashboard controls essential for management of content within a corporation or team. And Zettabox has been designed with data protection built in to guarantee compliance with the new, upcoming EU regulation. 


Why is the Company called Zettabox?

When the team began building Zettabox, the total amount of worldwide data saved on networks had surpassed the 1,000 Exabytes and entered a new era of sizing storage – Zettabytes (1 X 1021). Zettabox was created to help companies and individuals keep control of the surging amount of content.


What’s the reason for launching Zettabox now?

The cloud team sharing and storage market is currently dominated by American-domiciled companies, which means the majority of users’ data is stored in the US or is stored in European data centres that are accessible by the US government (because those data centres are owned by US-domiciled companies). There is impending EU regulation requiring companies doing business in Europe to know where their data is stored and to be able to communicate that to their customers. Zettabox was launched as a European alternative to the US companies that are providing team sharing and cloud-based storage services.


Equally important, lawmakers are trying to address the rapidly changing cloud services market. That includes many European countries as well as the European Union itself. Indeed, the upcoming EU Data Protection Regulation is likely to require that service providers and the European corporations that use those services can identify where their data is, and that those locations meet European standards. Thus, we have developed Zettabox incorporating data protection by design to meet the EU’s demands for more transparency in handling corporate and consumer data.


What our customers say about Zettabox

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The Zettabox dashboard keeps us informed of who has seen our work, and when they accessed it.

Dan Lennard - CEO, soFlash